Adult Changes in Thought Study


Facilitating and fostering high-quality research collaborations is one of the central pillars of the Adult Changes in Thought (ACT) Study.

We conduct research centered on understanding healthy cognitive and functional aging. It is our vision to serve as an innovative and enduring resource that contributes to cutting-edge research. We work closely with our partners to maximize the rich data contributions of our study participants by sharing data and supporting collaborations whenever feasible. 

If you’re interested in using ACT Study data, working with ACT Study researchers, or learning more about options for collaborating, please explore the information provided below. 

Work with Us

Start here if you’re looking for an overview of collaboration options and more information on how to work with the ACT Study and use ACT data. If your question is not answered after reviewing the information, please contact us.

Data Sharing Plan

The ACT Study U19 Research Program Data Sharing Plan describes current and planned approaches to data sharing, and specific processes by which ACT data resources may be used and shared between collaborating institutions and by external entities.

Request for Proposals: U19 Renewal 

ACT is requesting letters of intent for proposals of projects to include in our U19 grant renewal. We anticipate including 3 projects that can be each completed on a budget of no more than 500k directs per year. Projects that make novel and significant contributions to research on cognitive aging and ADRD will be prioritized. To be eligible, projects should leverage ACT’s rich resources, and involve components of all cores. Investigators must be willing to work closely with ACT investigators in the development of their proposal and in the execution of their project, if funded. Investigators and teams from diverse backgrounds and/or including junior investigators are encouraged to apply. Please see our LOI announcement for more information on the application process.

An informational webinar with Q&A was hosted by ACT mPIs, Paul Crane, Andrea LaCroix & Linda McEvoy, on February 12, 2024 from 10-10:55 am PT on Teams. Slides from the webinar are available for review.